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Archery:  You can try your hand and get archery lessons at the Kaya Artemis Resort in Bafra 0090 392 630 6000, or visit their website


Badminton-Tennis-Squash:  There are plenty of facilities available within local municipalities, at university campuses or, at hotels.  Tennis courts can be found at GAU (Girne American University) 0090 392 650 2000 or, visit their website  The Korineum Golf Resort in Esentepe, Kyreniaalso  has a tennis court where you can take lessons (0090 392 600 1515 or visit their website  A Badminton court can be found at the Middle East Technical University in Nicosia 0090 392 223 6464 or visit website Or, at Necat British College in Alsancak.


Beach clubs- there are several beach clubs along the Kyrenia coast.  These include:

Camelot Beach Club in Alsancak, Kyrenia, 0090 548 830 0603 or, visit the website

Denizkizi Hotel, 0090 392 821 2676 or, visit the website

Shayna Beach Club in Çatalköy, Kyrenia, 0090 533 885 0004 or, visit the website

Cornaro Beach Club in Çatalköy, Kyrenia, 0090 548 870 0305 or, visit the website


Bird watching:  North Cyprus is excellent place for bird lovers and they should contact, Kuşkor- The North Cyprus Society for the Protection of Birds and Nature.  Call them on 0090 542 881 3750, or visit their website at


Bowling -Perfect for a great night with family or friends Try it in Kyrenia at Kings Leisure Centre 0090 533 838 5535. Or try Ice Bowling Leisure Centre which opened in Famagusta 0090 542 851 0667. If you prefer to be outside you can try Flat Green Bowling. Located in Lapta there is a family owned bowls green. Contact them on 0090 533 880 1196 or visit their website


Clay Pigeon Shooting:  also known also as a clay target shooting.  You can find facilities at the Gönyeli Gun Club, near Nicosia, 0090 533 846 0641.


Cycling:  a healthy way to explore the island.   Cycling tours are available, or bike hire is also offered for you to explore the island.  For more info about tours and bike hire, contact: Cyprus Cycling on, 0090 542 851 5500 or, Cyprus Active at 0090 533 831 9072 (


Karting:  Zet Karting is located outside Nicosia, on the Guzelyurt highway.  Visit their website at or, call them on 0090 533 866 6173.   There is also Cemsa Karting in Nicosia, 0090 392 223 6235, or Maxmille Power in Tuzla, Famagusta, on 0090 392 364 8889.


Golf:  There is an 18 hole championship course at the Korineum Golf Resort in Esentepe, east of Kyrenia.  There is also a driving range, and the resort offers golf lessons.  Call them on 0090 392 600 1515 or, visit their website at


Horse Riding:  In Nicosia there is the Cemsa Riding School, 0090 392 223 62 35.  In the mountains outside Karsiyaka, the Kozan Restaurant & Picnic area offers a range of equestrian activities.  Contact them on 0090 533 845 7070 or, visit website


Ice Skating:  even this is available in North Cyprus.  A synthetic ice rink can be found in Famagusta at the Ice Bowling Leisure Centre, 0090 542 851 0667.


Jet Skiing: at Camelot Beach, in Alsancak.


Mini Golf:  at Oris Beach in Alsancak.


Orchids:  take a nature walk and enjoy the flora of North Cyprus, which is home to a variety of wild orchids.  There are 19 endemic species and also 32 other varieties of wild orchids.


Paint Balling:  There are a few places to play paintball.  There's the Paint Ball Bar in Famagust,a 0090 533 865 6191, as well as Paint Ball Nicosia, 0090 533 844 4644, and the Sunset Club in Kyrenia also has facilities (0090 533 865 4959 or, visit their website


Paragliding:  taking a leap off the Besparmak mountains is an exciting way to see North Cyprus!  Highline Paragliding is located in the Old Harbour in Kyrenia.  Call them at, 0090 542 855 5672 or, visit their website


Quad Bike Safari:  offers an amazing rides and guided tours of the Besparmak mountains.  For more information you can contact Quad Bike Safari in Lapta, on 0090 533 547 3732.  Or Quad Bike Tours in Alsancak, 0090 392 821 2797.


Scuba Diving:  explore the unique underwater world with the Nautilus Scuba Diving School, 0090 392 444 99 88 or. visit their website at  The British Scuba Centre is in Catalkoy Kyrenia, 0090 533 868 31 65 or, visit the website at  There's also Amphora Diving in Kyrenia, 0090 542 851 4924 or, visit their website at  For Underwater Explorers, call 0090 533 879 4421 or, visit the website at


Turtle Bay Centre:  is located east of Kyrenia.  You can call them on 0090 533 849 6266 or,  visit their website at  They offer a unique chance to get close to the nesting turtles  The Caretta Caretta turtles will come to lay their eggs from May to August on our beaches, and two months later the tiny creatures hatch, dig themselves out and rush to the sea.  The most popular centre is Alagadi Turtle Beach, Kyrenia . Call them for more info on 0090 533 865 8634 or, visit their website


Walking/Hiking:  There are several groups which offer walking tours, the Kyrenia Mountain Trail Association can be contacted on 0090 533 845 3935 or, via their website at  North Cyprus Walking, in Kyrenia offers walking tours on 0090 815 0890 or,  For something different, you could try a visit to the Kyrenia Animal Rescue Centre in the foothills of the mountains east of Kyrenia.  For more information, call 0090 533 869 4098 or visit their website at


Wild Donkeys:  Visit Karpaz National Park and interact with Cyprus' famous wild donkeys.  Once an important part of the island’s economy and a part of most Cypriots lives, today they are protected and can be found wandering free on the Karpaz Peninsular.